Triangles on!

I’ve got the triangles on. Next is very small flowers with stems and leaves. I may embroider the stems. Will have to see how the sample goes.

Basted down and on the go

It’s a quick job needle turning these triangles down on my LE. It is a awesome project and the yahoo group that is working on it are so willing to share their progress. Most are almost a year into this appliquers dream. There are some newbies to the scene and the group is growing everyday. Over 4000 strong now.
The owner and designer
Offers this BOM free to anyone. You just need to join the yahoo group. She puts up free patterns frequently. There’s a new one for a table runner just recently posted. See her blog.
I looked over many member blogs to see how they approached each step. It’s a project where you make it your own. Whether by technique, color or type of fabrics. There are some made in silk, some by machine, some by needleturn. The choices are endless.
I have always used a pattern overlay when I do complicated appliqué patterns.
I learned that at a Becky Goldsmith class. There I learned to use pins, lots of them to hold down my pieces. Thats good for one at a time of a few. But 20, connecting pieces?
Looking over the blogs I found that this lady uses close to my techniques, although perhaps more evolved than mine at the moment.
She does such beautiful work. I love the fabrics and patterns she chooses and that she uses needleturn. I adore that technique. It fulfills me and is very rewarding. My hands just itch to do it.

Sew and go

Been so much going on here I’ve been slacking in the quilting department.
Back to work, family health crisis and all that goes with it.
Since I’m sitting and visiting at the hospital I thought I better get my ” on the go kit ” more organized and prepped for easy piecing.
With my awesome Meredithe Clark templates it was a snap. Look for them on the tab on her blog

The night before all heck broke loose I managed to baste guidelines on my Love Entwined project and set in the compass. It sat for a week and I finally got going on the next step.
I made a pattern over lay. Then a day or two went by before I got out the freezer paper and made templates for the next part. Triangles cut, finger pressed, pinned then basted on.
I am finally on the appliqué sewing. This may be my ” on the go this week”.
With the pieces all basted there is no chance to loose or have the pieces shift.


This is the worst corner I have ever made on a quilt.  There is a join in the binding right on the corner.  Nice! Usually I measure it out but this is the one time when I thought nah that won’t happen.  Nope I am not unpicking it, no I am not, definitely not unpicking it, no.

.  This happens to me too


This is the worst corner I have ever made on a quilt. There is a join in the binding right on the corner. Nice! Usually I measure it out but this is the one time when I thought nah that won’t happen. Nope I am not unpicking it, no I am not, definitely not unpicking it, no.

. This happens to me too

Hand stitching

Well spring is here, (I think) although we had a coating of ice on everything this morning.
It was fine not to have to go out in it as I was trying to get an appliqué block for a raffle quilt done so I can get back to my “love entwined ” coverlet.
The raffle quilt is a hand pieced, hand appliqued and hand quilted masterpiece. Every two years one is raffled off at a quilt show. The proceeds going to a scholarship for a non conventional student at the local community college that houses the show.
Here’s the block I did.
As many hands make more blocks and the quilt is constructed then quilted I will post a new photo.
You can see more about the last show and the last raffle quilt here.
With that block done I can get back to the “love entwined” coverlet. I redid the center compass as I was unhappy with the first. I made a second, this one much better. I needleturn appliqued small circles on a ring and attached it around the compass.
Next step is to. Attach it to the background fabric and appliqué on. A lot. So looking forward to it!
I finished quilting and binding baby strings and the star string quilt.
The string star is a quilt I made after learning a great technique at an Ami Simms workshop.
I thoroughly enjoyed her class. Check out her site and blog if you haven’t. She’s great.

Baby strings

I had a bunch of strip sets left from making the piano key border on the star string quilt.
My daughters friend has had a baby boy. I thought I could put this together and make use of the strings. I have one small set left and I will use it on the back.
The sashing strips are from a green cotton I’ve had in the stash forever. I had already used a lot of it.
Hopefully I can get the layers together and quilt it this week.
I’ve been hand piecing a bit. Just a bit. It is still slow going and I stop when my hand complains.
I’ve finally been able to use these swell templates I got from Meredith from Australia.
These are the best! So much fun. You can find them here,
Here’s my block so far.

I’m kitting up the parts and making it my traveling project. The fabrics I’ve had for a while. It was a fat quarter bundle that I had used for a sampler quilt. I’ve got a bunch left over. I should be able to make quite a few of those 13” blocks.
This week I’ll work on my Love entwined coverlet. I must finish that compass, conquer all this small circles so I can get to the floral parts. What fun!

Four days, but I finished

I did manage to get the compass together. I think I will make another. Not sure of color way and I’m not sure if I will cover some of the points in the next step.
This may be more of a challenge for my existing skills at hand piecing and appliqué.
However any work done only improves ones skills.

Took me two days but….

I finally began work on the Love Entwined coverlet. I had no luck finding fabric at the show so I’m going with what I have. I’ll build from there when the need arises.
It’s slow going. Taking breaks in sewing. I am hand piecing. There are intricate points, the pieces quite small. I’ve never been a paper piecer. I shudder at the idea of it.
Many of the other quilters in the forum have done that, hand pieced or even appliqued the beginning compass. So it took me two days, taking ibuprofen and resting ,stretching in between
To get this far.
I’m still not sure of the color way I chose. I hope when I’m done it is the correct dimensions. It’s not my most accurate work. But then every quilt tells a story about the quilter. What was going on up in their lives when they make a certain piece of work. What they had on hand, how they chose to create it and how long. Usually it’s a secret held in the very fibers of the work.
This is will be an on going project for many months. I am looking forward to every iota.
You can find the project here.

Stay calm, I know it’s not symmetrical

It’s just beause I felt like it. I dunno. As I posted before the previous settings were so busy I could see the pattern show through. So here it is 63x73. Completely scraps. So scrappy I had to piece together the sashings and ( yes I know) the top sashing is different than the rest. Still I had fun. It will keep someone warm, it’s cheery and full of all kinds of prints. Christmas, nautical, floral, Native American themed. Just chock full. Scraps from 20 years ago, scraps from other peoples scraps, old shirts. Lots.
I’ve got a backing all set. A blue floral I bought from goodwill. It’s 100% cotton! home dec fabric. I got a roll of about 14 yards for $5. Now all I need is a batting and I think I’ll bind it with the collection of dribs and drabs left overs.
Not too bad for cutting the last bits lefty on the rotary cutter. This new talent may come in handy. I won’t have to flip fabric over on the first cuts. I’ll just switch sides and cut with the other hand.

A bit busy ( looking)

I’ve been working on these Bonnie Hunter blocks, Oklahoma Backroads for a few weeks.
It’s been a bit slow going. The pattern works quickly, it’s just me and my not so nimble fingers slowing the process down. Still, it keeps me motivated.
I’ve tried a few ways to set the blocks. No so happy though. There is a pattern made when connecting, but once all together it’s seems too busy to see it.
It’s very scrappy and I just randomly grabbed out of the 2.5” scrap bin so there’s no set color patterns to help make the pattern stand out. To me it’s like static on a radio. Too messy.
I’m thinking I will send this off to a quilt drive when it’s done. Virginia Findlay Wolf has one going.
They need 200 quilts or so for a women’s shelter. Check out her blog and see if you or someone you know wants to pitch in. Go here.
These latest quilts need to be twin size or larger. Here’s mine so far, two ways

I may add some things to the quilt to help show the pattern. I’ll post that later.